Holly O’Brien

Holly O’Brien, an emerging writer fresh out of Northwestern University‘s MFA in Writing for the Screen + Stage program. Holly first discovered her love of writing as a freshman at Sarah Lawrence College after deciding to take a screenwriting class because it sounded like a good excuse to watch a lot of movies and write something other than lengthy thesis papers. Over the past 10 years, Holly has written over 1,000 pages of screenplays (features and shorts), plays, television episodes, short stories, and is currently working on her first novel. Her debut film as writer, director and producer will be out in festivals this summer.


Feature Length Screenplays:

American Cockney (formerly The Dance)

It’s the annual Coming Out Dance on the campus of the prestigious Sarah Lawrence College. The friendship between Lydia, a scholarship student, and Sara, the heiress to the Dyphricol fortune, is tested when a morning wake-and-bake leads to a fire in Lydia’s dorm room.

Misha and the Penguin

Misha is an outsider in a small town in Nova Scotia, who dreams of running away to Antarctica to live with the penguins. When a school trip brings him to a local zoo, Misha teams up with an unlikely accomplice.

Trial & Eros (in progress)

Cupid is forced to team up with Dahlia, a young demi-god with modern ideas about love and…online dating?

Short Screenplays:


When Laura’s younger Latin lover dies, she struggles to gain custody of his 2 year old son from Isabella, his angry ex-girlfriend.


Angela is suicidal. Her family is Catholic. On Christmas Eve they all come together to “cure” their fallen sister.


Rachel is a portrait of a woman trying to find work in today’s depressed economy and the lengths she’ll go to find a stable job.

Don’t Kick My Spirit Animal

A surrealistic break up story, where animals guide Melissa through a vision quest at a pivotal junction in her life.

Circus Adversus

Set in the fall-out of 9/11, a small business owner loses everything, spurring her to amass an army of Angsty Teens, with which she assaults her city with a series of acts of random kindness.


A transgender man living in L.A. seeks reconstructive top surgery.

Only in Oly

During an encounter with the police, Elise accidentally outs her boyfriend Cody, a pre-op transgender man.


Lucky Penny

In 1996, Penny is the first child to be punished under Zero Tolerance laws in her rural Connecticut town. To make matters worse, her father is the principal of her school, and the mother of the boy Penny threatened with a knife is on the Board of Education.


A parking ticket turns into an epic tale of American woe.


United States of Tara – “Intervention” (on spec)

Tara asks her family to host an intervention for her alter-ego, Buck.

The American Legion – “Pilot” (in progress)

A modern day “Freaks and Geeks.”

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