Holly O’Brien is a one-of-a-kind. She has a very distinctive writer’s voice and a fabulous writing style. She’s fearless and is willing to pursue pure character with little worry that a story will emerge. Her dialogue is spot-on and her ability at presenting the details of life while characterizing the broader themes of the human condition reminds one of that ability in the writing of F.S. Fitzgerald. Holly writes with a precision that is rather wonderful, amazing really. We are in every moment with the characters and seem to know and feel what the characters do. Holly has never trafficked much in plot, which is not to say her stories lack a narrative drive…but it’s more of an emotional journey than it is a series of events that trigger the passage of time. As I feel that narrative fiction films ARE emotion—that it’s those movies that make us FEEL something that we most cherish and remember—Holly’s voice is emotionally crystal clear. Holly also has a unique ability to traverse painful drama, heartbreaking emotion and downright hilarity, all in a matter of pages. It’s quite remarkable and I suspect will continue to be her hallmark as she continues to create in the screenplay form. 

– Frederick M. Strype

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